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Drug Free Fertility





Why should you consider our Drug Free Fertility programme?

Well the hope for most women or couples that decide to start a family, is that within a few short months of trying to have a baby the woman becomes pregnant. They hope that the pregnancy is a happy uneventful experience with no complications. Nine months later a healthy baby is born. He or she has no health challenges or problems. However, for some people, this is not the case. Twelve percent of couples (1 in 8) were unable to have a child after five years of trying to conceive and up to ten percent (1 in 10) of babies are premature, have a developmental delay or learning difficulties. Furthermore, some adult diseases can be affected by what happens around the time of conception and during pregnancy, through epigenetics or foetal programming. This means that what parents eat and drink around the time of conception and during pregnancy, event their exposure to environmental factors, can decide which healthy genes are switched on or off; thereby, having a lifelong effect on the child’s health.

The advances in nutrition over the last 20 years shows us that most of these health problems could have been prevented by giving right targeted nutritional and lifestyle advice to couples before conception and to mothers during pregnancy. It is now easier to support women and couples to overcome infertility using nutrition and holistic lifestyle advice, in a way that protects the future health of her baby.

The Drug-Free Fertility Programme is highly successful for women or couples who may have had difficulty getting pregnant or want to improve their health before conception to give their baby the best start in life. We apply the latest advances in nutrition to not only support successful conception, and it will also help to support a healthy pregnancy and improve the health of the baby. It perfectly complements IVF and other assisted fertility treatments to increase success. However, many of my clients who begin this programme before starting medication find that it helps them to conceive naturally.

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