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Would you like more energy and vitality rather than fed up and tired all the time?
Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Do certain foods cause IBS symptoms and bloating?
Have you been diagnosed with fibroids or endometriosis?
Do you resort to comfort eating when feeling anxious or tired?
Do you have difficulty kicking the sugar habit?
Are you having difficulty getting pregnant?
Or maybe your child has a food allergy or fussy eating?
Or maybe you are worried about your child’s growth and development?

Hello and Welcome,

I’m Eulalee Green and as an experienced Consultant Dietitian & Holistic Health Coach, I have helped women and their children overcome health problems just like these. I apply sound evidence-based nutrition and motivational coaching to my consultations to empower you to change habits and barriers that stop you achieving your health and wellbeing goals.

My aim is to help to achieve the health you want for you or your child, in a way that does not feel overwhelming. During consultations, my clients feel comfortable about discussing health concerns which enable us to agree on a bespoke treatment plan.

Before a nutrition consultation, I would invite you to join me on Free ‘Health Discover Call’ to have a chat to ensure that our services are appropriate to your unique needs.


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