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Our Affiliates

Dr Dianna Henson N.D., Global Integrative Medical Solutions

Dr. Henson offers complete personalized health care for the entire family.  She takes the time to get to know you, not just your health concern.  She can provide complete family healthcare including the following: women’s health, childhood allergies, anaemia, diabetes, fatigue, menopause, menstrual disorders, men’s health, and infertility.

Dr Henson provides telephone and video consultations for clients based in the UK.

To request a consultation with Dr Henson, please complete the ‘Contact Us’ or email Dr Henson at

Click here to learn more about Dr Henson and Global Integrative Medical Solutions

Sujata Mahendran, Child Health Specialist, Childversity

Childversity is here to provide you with the best advice regarding your child in the areas of child health, child development and child behaviour directly and instantly.

Our primary purpose is ‘Parenting Made Simple.’ We aim to make parenting less complicated, less stressful and more enjoyable!

We are based in London, United Kingdom. We have access to the finest child health resources in the world. In addition, we use the latest knowledge and sophisticated technology to make our services available to you, instantly at any time and anywhere!


Click here to book a consultation with Sujata Mahendran 

Debs Wallace, Counsellor, Harmony Counselling Limited

Life is not without its challenges. Harmony is here to support people through these challenges from the age of eleven years old and upwards, with no upper age limit.  Debs Wallace is a skilled counsellor supporting people with challenges in the following areas: mental health, young people’s issues, bereavement and loss, pregnancy, and parenting.  These areas may have issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, depression, dementia, alzheimer, self-harm, bullying, lack of confidence, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, post-natal depression, pregnancy-choices, baby-loss and miscarriage. Debs is also a pregnancy choices practitioner. The Harmony Counselling practice is located in the Basingstoke and Deane area of England.  However, we also provide Skype and online counselling.


To request a consultation with Debs Wallace, please complete the ‘Contact Us’ or email her at:


Click here to learn more about Debs Wallace and Harmony Counselling

The National Fertility Society provides information to the public on fertility through workshops and presentations on the various topics around fertility. Giving them the information needed to help them make informed decisions through the fertility/infertility process. We also provide links to specialist fertility counsellors within your area for one to one help. All of our counsellor members are registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists or National Counselling Society and comply with their Code of Ethics and our own Professional Code of Ethics.

We are also an organisation for fertility counsellors with a member’s area, regular training workshops for fertility counselling, accreditation and continuing professional development training to ensure the highest standards for our registered counsellors. Other registration benefits with the NFS are that you are enrolled in a search engine giving the public easy access to find a local fertility counsellor.

Click Here to contact the National Fertility Society