Personal Health Coach

Achieve Your Health Goals With A Personal Health Coach

We help women achieve optimum health before, during, after pregnancy and beyond. We provide telephone and online Personal Health Coaching to boost your health and wellbeing.

We have three Healthy Coaching Programmes to choose from as follow:

The Total Body Transformation. This programme is for people who want to learn to love themselves, who want a better relationship with food and their body,  who want to release their weight and become who they truly are.

Healthy Mother Healthy Baby Prenatal Programme.  This programme will help you to be in best health for pregnancy and improve conception.  This programme nicely complements IVF and other assisted fertility programmes to increase treatment success or can be done before starting treatment.

Healthy Mother Healthy Baby Antenatal Programme. This programme is for you if you are a woman who wants to be in the best health during pregnancy. It will help you to have optimum health and reduced the risk of complications for you and your baby.   

Why not book a Personal Health Strategy Coaching Session to discover if we can help you and if working with us the right for you

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